Dreams can come true by learning Japanese

Classroom teachers support their students

Teachers will support students’ in adjusting to Japanese society as well as academic life and career questions.
Also, we have face to face support talks between a teacher and the student to address their concerns and questions.

Warm climate and people, low cost living

The school is located in Matsuyama city which is in the middle of Ehime Prefecture. The population of Ehime Prefecture is approximately 520,000 . Matsuyama is surrounded by mountains and the Seto Inland Sea which helps make the climate peaceful. It is a medium size city with allows you save some money compared to other larger cities. In the middle of Matsuyama stands the Matsuyama castle which is near Kawahara Gakuen Japanese Language School. This college is also within walking distance of all important amenities.

School events

Kawahara Gakuen Educational Corporation School has many school activities to choose from. For example, at the annual school festival, students make and sell their famous traditional dishes. They also can attend a Japanese speech contest. This festival is not only for foreign students but also Japanese studentsl. This is a chance to make Japanese friends. In 2018, we had our first Halloween party with Computer science students. Everyone had fun.

Curriculum focused on 4 skills

Kawahara E-business College Japanese department (KBC) aims at improving student proficiency in the four Japanese skill areas : Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. For example, students will conduct a theme-based research project which is determined by the students themselves. This project will help students build the problem-solving skills they will need in the future. Students will also give a presentation about their research. This will help them improve their presentation skills for their next stage of higher education or job searching. We also provide field trip and internship where they will face some problems.

After graduation

Students will be able to enter one of the many departments at Kawahara Gakuen Corporation School. If they decide to continue their studies, the entrance fee and some of the school fees will be reduced. For example, all graduates can enter the International Sightseeing and Business department to study about Hotel, Tourism and Travel industry.
The students who have passed the N1 and N2 JLPT, will be able to enter courses at Kawahara 9 Groups College of IT, Animation, Hotel, Bakery, Care workers and many more.

We have three Japanese language programs for potential students to enter to help them find work (the 1 year program), gain entrance into a Japanese College or University (1 1/2 year program or the 2 year program).

All students have to take a Japanese language placement test which is designed to place them in the appropriate class. After one year of study, students will take an end of the year language test. If the student passes the test, they will progress to the next level. In addition, we occasionally rearrange the classwork and content to maximize learning opportunities for our students.

We have Japanese Seminar classes were students research and give presentations in order to improve their Japanese after completing the beginner class.

KBC courses are designed so that students will get their N2, who non-Kanji characters, or N1, who Kanji character. It is assumed that dedicated students who enter KBCs` 1 year course has their N3 level. Those in the 1.5 year course has their N4 level and the 2 year course has N5 passed holder.

Application fee 20,000 yen
Entrance fee 80,000 yen
Fees 1 year course 600,000 yen
1.5 year course 900,000 yen
2 year course 1,200,000 yen

Support of the student abroad

Scholarship below

Name of Scholarship

Reservation Program for Monbukagakusho* Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International students
*Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology*

Eligibility for applicants

・Those whose Grade is excellent and Attendance is more than 98%
・Those who receive a school recommendation

Payment amount

48,000 yen / month (576,000 yen / year : April to March )


We have 2 types of apartments (KBC owned or KBC contracted) for students to living in while studying at KBC. Both types of apartments are managed and maintained by KBC, so students can live comfortably and securely.
All KBC apartments are within walking distance from the school.

Living costs sample;

As mentioned, the cost of living in Matsuyama City is much less than those of larger Japanese cities. Also, student dormitories are within walking distance from the college; so they can walk to school every day.

  • Rent: About 17,000 yen ~ 23,000 yen / month
  • Utilities (electric, gas and water): About 5,000 yen ~ / month

Dedicated social worker for students

The social worker will help all students solve problems they may encounter. For instance, the social worker will assist students in dealing with administration procedures at the hospital, or at city hall. Their focus is on helping students solve life problems as well as guiding them to understand and to fit into Japanese society.

After graduating Japanese Language School

More than 90% of KBC students continue their education by going to a University or College after graduating. One choice for graduates is to study at one of the many programs at the College of the Kawahara Gakuen group, e.g. International Tourism, Business, computer science, etc.

Educational Paths after graduation

  • University:Ehime University, Matsuyama University
    Saint Catherine University,
    Kobe Health Welfare University etc
  • College:Kawahara Computer Business college
    Nippon Omotenashi College
    Nakano School of Business
    Chiba Nikken Institute of Technology etc

Consultation on educational and career paths

KBC fully supports students with:

  • Course consultation
  • Individual career counseling
  • Introductions to the University or College
  • School Tours
  • Preparation of documents
  • Interview preparation guidance
  • Provide guidance in the procedures involved after passing an entrance test

Samples of two student interviews with KBC


(Vietnam)2 years course from April, 2017

Q What made you come to Japan to study?
A On the internet I watched the Japanese tea ceremony, animation and other programs about Japan which made me interested in studying in Japan. I wanted to know more about Japanese traditional culture.
Q What is a good experience in KBC?
A One great experience was the school festival. I met a lot of Japanese KBC students from different departments, and I had fun with my classmates. I also shared my love of Vietnamese Che with people at the festival.
Q Please describe of Matsuyama-city.
A It has a mild climate and the atmosphere is great. There isn’t much rain compared to other places in Japan and falling snow is rare. And so far, we have not had any major natural disasters; so it is a very cozy place.
Q What is your dream?
A I would like to work in company that does business between Japan and Vietnam.
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(Sri Lanka)2 years course from April, 2017

Scholarship holder of "the Privately Financed International students"

Q What is a good experience in KBC?
A I think it is the greatest that KBC has dedicated teachers in the each class which are divided into various student levels. We can also get a advice about our daily life in Japan.
Q Please describe of Matsuyama-city.
A It is very safe. Also, everything is so close to where I live. Since I started living here, we didn’t have any natural disaster fortunately.
Q How are you spending the scholarship?
A I am spending for the School fee. It made me a lot of studying time for taking an exam for entrancing University to without worrying about money.

About Kawahara Gakuen School Corporation

Kawahara Gakuen School Corporation has universities, university post graduate schools, 9 Technical colleges and 3 High schools in Ehime and Aichi prefecture. There is a total 5,565 students attending our educational programs.

The educational Philosophy of Kawahara Gakuen is “We are always thankful of everything in our and your life” Our goal is to have our students consider other people while contributing to society.

About Matsuyama

Our school is located in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture. Matsuyama is surrounded by the sea and mountain. This helps in creating a relatively warm climate and providing us with fresh fish to cook delicious seafood dishes. Matsuyama also offers Japanese historical treasures for you to visit. There is Dogo Onsen, which is the oldest hot spring in Japan and chosen Number 1 of “ the most popular sight seeing place for a single lady to trip by herself “ In the middle of the city of Matsuyama stands Matsuyama castle, which offers panoramic views of Matsuyama and the Setouchi Inland Sea. These historical place is full of warm hospitality.

Matsuyama Castle
Dogo Onsen
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